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Why are our surfaces
so irresistible?

The first thing you notice about many products in bathrooms and toilets are the surfaces, which is why we refine how they look and feel and make them able to repel dirt and limescale.

The oldest ceramic finds are estimated to be some 30,000 years old. The material is indispensable in sanitary applications to this day because fired sanitary ceramic is extremely robust. With the appropriate glaze and the right care, it retains its original sheen for many years – even with heavy use and when very abrasive cleaning agents are used.

Multifunctional and resistant

Surfaces in bathrooms and toilets are judged on the basis of various characteristics, including colour, sheen, how they feel and how they are affected by dirt and limescale deposits, sweat marks and fingermarks. Not only that, cleaning effort should be minimal. All these criteria are considered when developing new products, in addition to the original functionality of the toilet, bidet, washbasin, bathtub and shower. The product surfaces therefore undergo special testing and are continuously optimised at our laboratories.