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How do you turn an idea
into a useful product?

No matter how convincing an idea for a product and its development status might be, no Geberit product goes into series production until it can be manufactured economically and sustainably.

The journey from an initial idea to a finished product is long. Product developers and process engineers work closely together throughout this process. In simulation programs and with the aid of prototypes, they jointly define the final design and the required material thicknesses. Additive manufacturing processes – such as 3D printing and laser sintering – considerably speed up the development process. The prototypes for our tests are therefore more or less created overnight. Only when we know exactly how and with which tools the production process meets all the specifications does industrial production begin – and the idea become a product.

Even more efficient and ecologically sound

The first round of production is out of the way. Time to put our feet up? Not a bit of it! At Geberit, the processes are continually questioned and brought into line with the latest technological developments, enabling us to not just improve product quality, but also continually make production even more efficient and even more ecologically sound. In other words, we are gradually manufacturing faster and faster, but also ever more sustainably. After all, it is not just the product that is innovative at Geberit, the journey to get there is too.