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How can a sleeve stop a fire?

A fire should not be able to spread to other rooms at the points where discharge pipes pass through walls and ceilings. The fire protection sleeve from Geberit prevents this from happening. At high temperatures, intumescent material reliably seals the openings.

When there is a fire, the discharge pipes and the points where they pass through walls and ceilings are critical. The risk of the fire spreading to other rooms and floors is high at these openings, and the lightweight discharge pipes themselves also catch fire quickly. Our specialists were faced with the challenge of finding a solution that stops a fire in its tracks at these weak points.

A “stop sign” for fires

Geberit therefore developed the fire protection sleeve, a highly effective product that surrounds a discharge pipe at the point where it passes through walls and ceilings. At temperatures in excess of 150 °C, the intumescent material in the sleeve swells up and reliably seals the wall or ceiling opening. How well it does so is revealed by certified tests in a special furnace at a materials testing institute, where pipes and fire protection sleeves are exposed to fire and temperatures of over 1,000 °C for 90 minutes. Temperature sensors prove that the fire protection sleeves stop the fire, which means that the fire brigade has more time to save lives and prevent property damage in an emergency.