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Electronics in a waterbath?

The demands are high when it comes to our electronics – and so too are the benefits. Equipped with sensors and more and more electronic intelligence, our products offer maximum comfort and hygiene.

Safely insulating the electronics against moisture, reducing energy consumption to the lowest possible level and guaranteeing maximum functional reliability are just some of the challenges that we are confronted with each day. This is why only products that pass the numerous tests carried out under climatically extreme conditions in Geberit’s electronics laboratory are launched on the market. Depending on the specifications, we carry out tests at temperatures from -20 to +70 °C and humidities of between 30 and 99 per cent. Milder conditions? No chance!

Sensors feel everything

The various functions found in shower toilets are illustrative of the developments that have taken place in the field of electronics. When you approach the shower toilet, the WC lid lifts up and the seat heating and the storage water heater for the shower are activated. The shower arm cleaning function, dryer and odour extraction unit are also triggered automatically. When you walk away from the toilet, it flushes automatically without you having to touch anything and the lid closes once again. High-tech for maximum comfort and hygiene.